Everything You Need to Know About our Vitamin C Shower Filter

Did you know that every time you shower with unfiltered water, you could be introducing harmful bacteria and chemicals into your skin? It’s true. That’s why you need our Vitamin C Shower Filter for a totally pure and satisfying shower experience. Prachi Purohit, our Regulatory Specialist from our Product Development team, is here to give you the 411 on this must-have shower product. 

What does it do?

Chlorine is an active chemical substance used to treat tap water. However, it is also highly toxic to the skin, as well as your lungs, especially when showering with hot water.

Our Vitamin C Shower Filter effectively removes residual chlorine from tap water! The vitamin C gel gets picked up and releases a powder that helps neutralize the chlorine oxidant. In addition to the vitamin C gel, there is a sediment filter that removes other impurities.  

The result? More than 99% of chlorine and impurities are removed from your shower water!”

What are the benefits?

“Without the impurities and chlorine in your water, your skin can thrive! 

Vegan probiotics strengthen the skin barrier and vitamin C leaves behind an acidic residue that helps to maintain the skin’s mantle for healthier, glowing skin. We’ve also added oatmeal powder to our shower filter to calm and soothe dry, itchy skin. You will also notice your hair feels and looks smoother and shinier. If you have dyed hair, don’t worry, this shower filter won’t fade hair colors and actually helps to preserve your color even longer.”

Who is it for?

“Everybody! That’s right, our 100% vegan shower filter is tough on chlorine and bacteria, but extra gentle on the skin! It’s made with clean, feel-good ingredients to nourish and protect your skin and hair.”

How long does it last? 

“It lasts for 110 showers, depending on the length of your shower, so you can enjoy aromatherapy and all of the skin benefits, time and time again. Plus, it’s super easy to install…anyone can do it.”

If you’re looking for a sign to try out our Vitamin C Shower Filter, this is it. Now, go ahead and shower yourself with love. Shop Now!

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