Give your hands & feet a refreshing pick-me-up for warm days ahead.

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Hi, we're VOESH, bringing you a vast collection of spa treatments that takes self-care to the next level. Ready to experience all the feels?

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Self-Care for Everyone, Everywhere

Whether that’s fifteen minutes at home or a day at the spa, our mission is to make well-being a part of your everyday routine. Mood included. That’s why we created uncomplicated products made from 100% vegan, good-for-you ingredients. Because everyone deserves self-care.

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Contents of Voesh Jasmine Soothe Pedi In A Box 4 Step Pedicure Kit

We believe that what’s not in the formula is just as important as what is. That’s why we left out the 1,400 banned ingredients in the EU.

No Parabens

No Phthalates

No Mineral Oil

No Formaldehyde

No Synthetic Sulfate



Water Ripples
Voesh Cucumber Fresh Deluxe 4 Step Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit
Cucumber Lotion Swatch


Think luxurious sea salt soaks, velvety soft lotions, smoothing sugar scrubs and silky massage butters. With satisfying textures like these, you’ll love looking forward to that “Ahhh” moment every single day. All of our treatments were created with delicious scents that make you go “Mmmm", curated for every mood. Because each day is different.

Voesh Lemon Quench Deluxe 4 Step Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit Voesh Lemon Quench Deluxe Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit


Meet our community of salons across the country with the same passion and mission as ours to deliver clean, luxurious spa experiences for all.

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What They Say


Inlove with Velvet Luxe Jasmine body cream by Voesh! It smells amazing and works wonders for dry skin, plus it’s vegan friendly.


Feeling a bit under the weather so I think I deserve a nice pampering sash! Got my collagen gloves now to get my much deserved me time.


Shout out to Voesh and their Pedi in a Box for getting me through these tough times of no pedicures. Thank you for amazing products!


Slept with the socks on all night and my feet were so much softer when I woke up! Nothing ever works on these old calloused feet, but these really helped!


I had this used on me at my nail salon and it was so nice! They even added sliced cucumbers and lemons to the water. Awesome product!


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Woman Showcasing Voesh Collagen Gloves
Voesh Golden Glimmer Pedi In A Box Contents
Golden Glimmer Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit
Voesh Unicorn Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit
Voesh Unicorn Glimmer Pedi In A Box Pedicure Kit

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