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We’re not just another ordinary skincare brand—we are vegan, cruelty-free, safe, and trustworthy. Our mission is simple: to make spa care healthier, safer, cleaner and more enjoyable for spa professionals and beauty enthusiasts…because everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Skinsational Spa Treatments

Refreshing sea salt soaks. Smoothing sugar scrubs. Luxurious mud masques. Silky massage butters. Soothing shower care. We believe every ingredient that goes on your skin has the power to change your life. That’s why we have scoured the globe to find natural, organic, and vegan ingredients of the highest quality to use in our formulations. Our expertly crafted clean and conscious formulas actually work to help you achieve healthy, happy skin.

Woman's hand holding aloe aloe pedi in a box 6 step packets against a green background

Good-For-You Scents

Relaxing lavender. Tantalizing tangerine. Calming green tea. Energizing lemon. Our custom, natural scents were designed to match or enhance your mood. The best part? They are phthalate-free, HICC allergen-free, IFRA-certified and safer for all. We all know that a good fragrance isn’t just about how it smells, but rather how it makes you feel. Let our pleasant scents transport you to paradise or help you drift off into total relaxation mode.

Clean & Conscious Skincare That Feels Good From Head to Toe

Portrait of Vera Oh and Joseph Choi, founders of Voesh


Launched in 2013, VOESH was created by Vera Oh and Joseph Choi, who were seeking a way to combine their creative and technical abilities to disrupt the beauty industry. With a background in consumer electronics, Vera and Joseph took their interests in innovation and product development and sought to create something beneficial for all people and the traditional beauty industry.

Their concept was simple:

to create a cleaner & safer spa experience.

photo of pedi in a box 4 step with dishes of each scent at cosmoprof bologna trade show in 2018

After establishing Voesh,

Vera and Joseph began learning the ropes of the professional beauty industry, which they felt needed to be more transparent, safer and healthier for all. Just one year later, VOESH’s hero products were born: enter Pedi in a Box, Collagen Gloves, and Collagen Socks.

Shortly after launch, word spread like wildfire in the professional spa community, and VOESH sold over one million Pedi in a Box in under three years! With momentum in the U.S. building, Vera and Joseph knew it was time to take the business to the next level and quickly expanded internationally. By 2018, VOESH had sold over 15 Million Pedi in a Box, and started sweeping up beauty awards.

image of crowd at the voesh booth at cosmoprof bologna in 2023

Voesh Now

While continuing to expand the VOESH offerings, Vera and Joseph were also working on securing patents for their innovative products, which were granted in 2019 and 2020. Now, you can find VOESH products in over 100,000 spas across 30 countries—and we’re still growing!

Featured In:

Our Patents

Pedi In A Box & Mani In A Box

Method for Providing a Predetermined Beauty Treatment

Beauty and Skin Care Treatment Product and Method

Protected by U.S. Utility Patent No. 10,736,401, 10,779,630 and 11,478,058

Our innovative, all-in-one manicure and pedicure spa systems contain 100 percent vegan ingredients to enrich skin with nutrients while offering a relaxing treatment. All kits are measured and filled without any risk of contamination to create perfect proportions for each step of the spa treatments. Nail technicians can provide clients with a safe and pleasurable experience for their peace of mind, and consumers can enjoy a spa-like service whenever they need one.


Skin Care Mask Glove and Mask Sock

Protected by U.S. Utility Patent No. 10,231,497 and 10,477,907

These skincare gloves and socks are pre-filled with nourishing, good-for-skin ingredients that deliver an incredibly moisturizing treatment for the hands and feet. The convenient, patented design also features a perforation at the fingertips and toe tips to easily rip off for manicure and pedicure purposes.

A NOTE From Vera & Joseph

“We started our brand with a mission and purpose. Professional hand and foot care needed a revolution. In 2013, we introduced the first and only clean Mani and Pedi in a Box, and we didn't stop there. From using 100% vegan, safe, and potent formulas to creating transparent ingredient labels, we have continuously pushed forward our initiative to make clean beauty that is better for you and the planet.

We promise to remain clean, honest, ethical, and forever cruelty-free.”

-Vera Oh & Joseph Choi

Embrace the beauty in your life.
Make it clean & conscious with VOESH.


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