Benefits of a Professional Pedicure

Caring for your feet and the skin on your feet is incredibly important—feet are the body’s foundation, and keeping them healthy is a necessary part of your overall health. Your feet carry you through life and allow you to walk, work, exercise, drive, and so on. To keep feet healthy is to keep them functioning, and if you don’t take care of your feet, they may become cracked, blistered, or eventually infected. A professional pedicure is a great way to pamper yourself and ensure your feet stay in good condition, so they can lead you where you need to go. Here are 5 benefits of professional pedicures at a salon:

1. Overall foot health

Pedicures are good for you, as well as for your overall foot health. When you get a pedicure, your nail technician is able to see everything on your feet and toes (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Don’t worry, they won’t be judging you! 

Your technician can easily examine your feet to see if you have any problems that need to be addressed during the pedicure (like bunions or blisters). Additionally, your technician can clean those hard-to-reach areas in your toes and remove any dirt or bacteria that could eventually lead to fungal infections. 

If you have any pesky calluses, your nail technician will also remove those and moisturize your feet. Removing calluses can actually improve your posture, as it helps you to distribute your weight more evenly on your entire foot when you stand. Some pedicures will also have a detox step, which can remove harmful toxins from feet and increase circulation.

2. Supports Blood Circulation

Professional pedicures often include feet and leg massages, which can support blood circulation in the bottom half of your body. Not only do these massages feel amazing and help you relax, but they also help with getting blood flow down to your legs and feet. This can ease any built up tension, relieve pain in those areas, and improve joint mobility.

3. Moisturizes Feet

How often do you moisturize your feet? Ensuring your feet are properly hydrated is an important facet of overall foot health, and pedicures are the perfect time to ensure every crevice of your foot is moisturized to avoid any dry, cracked skin. Your nail technician  will massage in lotion and oils to moisturize your feet and have them feeling super smooth and supple. 

Consistently moisturizing feet can also help prevent blisters and cracks, which can be incredibly painful to walk on. Moisturizing stops nails from splitting too, which we all want to avoid, as nail splitting can lead to infection. 

4. Relieves Stress + Promotes Relaxation

One of the more obvious benefits of getting a salon pedicure treatment is how relaxing they are! Soaking, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing feet will make them feel renewed and rejuvenated, and you will love the opportunity to just sit back, relax, and let your technician work their magic. Close your eyes and have a few minutes to yourself to just unwind during a busy week! 

Pedicures also enhance your confidence, as your feet will look brand new and freshly polished. Feeling confident will also contribute to your never-ending journey of self-love—you’ll feel good in your skin post-pedicure.

5. Endless Design Choices

When you visit a salon for your next pedi, you can pick almost any color and style you want. Most of us have a few go-to nail polish colors when we paint our nails at home, but getting a salon pedicure gives you the option to choose from a variety of different colors, shades, and even designs. Take your normal pedi to the next level with pedicure nail art—get creative with your nail tech! The possibilities are endless.


Experience VOESH during your next Professional Pedicure

While we offer many options for at-home pedicures and spa treatments, did you know that many salons also carry VOESH products? For example, you can head to your local salon and get a professional pedicure with our Pedi in a Box O2 Fizz pedicure system.  All the same ingredients and skin benefits that you’re used to, but you don’t have to put any work in! If your local doesn’t salon doesn’t carry VOESH yet, call ahead and ask your nail tech if you can bring in your own Pedi in a Box during your session for them to use as a professional pedicure kit.

Feeling excited about your next salon pedi yet? Indulging yourself with a professional pedicure benefits your overall foot health and lets your mind drift off into relaxation mode.

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