How to Create the Perfect Shower Routine

It's 2022, and having a skincare routine is all the rage. But did you know that having a consistent shower routine is just as important? Taking regular showers is one of the most important activities that help you maintain healthy hygiene and skin. In this blog post, we break down the best methods and steps to consider when creating your ideal shower routine.

1. Select the Perfect Water Temperature

Even though many of us love a steaming hot shower, a shower with warm (or cool) water is better for your skin. Very hot water can strip natural, important oils from your skin when you’re showering and may damage your skin faster. Choose what feels most comfortable for you during your shower, but we recommend turning the water temperature down just a bit if you’re notorious for turning it all the way up.

2. Make the Most of Your Shower Time

Another question we often run into is “how long should we shower?” Dermatologists recommend keeping your time in the shower minimal, between 5 and 15 minutes, as spending too much time in the shower can dry out your skin.  Plus, cutting back on the length of your shower helps conserve water and energy, which is better for the planet. Of course, we understand that the length of showers also depends on how much you need to get accomplished in the shower, so it will vary from person to person.

3. Install a Vitamin C Shower Filter for the Cleanest Shower

Have you heard about the benefits of shower filters? Unfiltered and hard water can unfortunately be damaging to your hair and skin, but it’s easier than you think to remove chlorine and impurities from shower water to ensure you’re taking the cleanest shower possible. Our Vitamin C Shower Filter can be easily installed onto your showerhead—it’s not as intimidating as it may look! 

How Do Shower Filters Work?

VOESH’s Shower Filter utilizes a Vitamin C gel to neutralize any potentially harmful toxins and water impurities coming from the shower head.  You may be wondering “why Vitamin C?” Vitamin C is a safe and effective nutrient for your skin and can assist in brightening skin, repairing any damaged skin, and promoting collagen production. Besides Vitamin C, our Shower Filter also incorporates vegan ingredients like oatmeal power and botanical extracts to soothe skin and maintain moisture in your skin. Plus, it lasts for about 110 showers so you can incorporate it in your shower routine for the long-term. Ultimately, shower filters like ours at VOESH are better for your body and will be a game-changer for your shower routine. Learn below how to install our Vitamin C Shower Filter. 

4. Find Balance in your Hair-Washing Schedule

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type, but it’s important to strike balance in that routine. Washing your hair too much can lead to skin and hair dryness, while washing too little can lead to a buildup of scalp oils that can cause dandruff or redness in your scalp. It may require some experimentation to find a shampooing schedule that works best for you.

5. Use Sulfate-free Shampoo + Conditioner

On your hair-washing days, shampoo and conditioner are obviously must-have shower products. As for purchasing shampoo and conditioner, we recommend choosing hair products made with natural ingredients and that are sulfate-free. Here’s some tips for optimizing your shampooing and conditioning:

• Brush your hair before hopping in the shower to ensure any tangles are removed from your hair before washing it

• Wash your hair before your body during your shower routine to ensure no shampoo or conditioner residue is left behind on your skin! 

• Use a small amount of each product, and follow the instructions the label provides for use.

• Lukewarm or cooler water is your best bet for rinsing out both shampoo and conditioner, as hot water may also strip any good natural oils from your scalp.

5. Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Body

Your face shouldn’t be the only thing included in your skincare routine. Your body should be, too. It’s important to use products with good ingredients to cleanse your body during a shower. After starting with our Vitamin C Shower Filter we mentioned earlier, continue with cleansing and exfoliating in our shower routine. 

A great cleansing and exfoliating product is our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash. It is an all-in-one exfoliant and cleanser—enriched with pure sugar, the scrub gently sloughs away dead skin cells, then turns into a luxurious, bubbly lather that leaves your body feeling clean and refreshed. The Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash can also be used to exfoliate and cleanse your scalp to remove build-up and replenish moisture in your scalp. Be sure not to over-exfoliate though, as that can lead to flaky skin—we recommend exfoliating a few times a week rather than every day.

Check out our customer-favorite scent, Lavender Land, that transforms you to complete relaxation while using our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash.

6. Wash Your Face the Right Way

At this point, you’re probably toward the end of your shower—here is when we recommend washing your face.  Similar to the water temperature when washing your body, water temperature matters when washing your face, too! You can wash your face in the shower, but be sure to wet your face first with warm water to help open your pores. Then, use a facial cleanser that works best with your skin type and rinse with cold water. Rinsing with cold water helps to close the pores you just opened before you continue with the rest of your facial skincare routine. 

7. Moisturize & Soften Skin

One of the most important parts of your shower routine will happen after you get out! Moisturizing directly after your shower helps your body absorb your lotion more effectively to prevent any loss of moisture. We recommend patting yourself dry with your towel (without rubbing vigorously) and applying a moisturizer like our Velvet Luxe Hand & Body Crème to your body while it’s still a little damp. 

Feeling Squeaky Clean?

Many people don’t take the time to think about how to shower properly and how it can impact your skin. Using clean products that benefit your skin’s health and following our tips on how to improve your shower routine will provide results to make your skin soft, renewed, and the cleanest it’s ever been.

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