Introducing the VOESH Youth Therapy Elbow-High Gloves

Meet the newest addition to our vegan hand care collection … the VOESH Youth Therapy Elbow-High Gloves! Hard-working hands and arms deserve extra TLC. Is your skin dry from excess washing, extreme weather, or sub-par body care products (or all of the above?) Then you are in need of a spa-like treatment immediately. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new version of our original patented Collagen Gloves–our Youth Therapy Elbow-High Gloves!

This intensive collagen treatment is so much more than your daily body moisturizer. Our long gloves are enriched with vegan collagen, shea butter, and niacinamide to effectively moisturize, brighten, and revive dry skin from your hands up to your elbows. These elbow-high gloves deeply nourish skin leaving it visibly softer, smoother, and more youthful in 15 minutes or less! Now, you’ll never have to worry about rough hands or flaky, embarrassing elbows.

As an added bonus, these gloves have a soft, floral scent for a sensorial experience that brings on feelings of happiness. Whether you’re at home watching tv or getting a manicure at the salon, our hand masks are the perfect way to kick back and relax.

Last but not least, the convenient design features a perforation at the fingertips to easily rip off for manicure purposes or to be able to have full use of your hands while you’re wearing them. Hand care doesn’t get any easier or better than this!

How to Use:

Be sure to clean and dry your hands and arms before use. Carefully remove the gloves from the package. Place the gloves on a flat surface and rub gently to spread the lotion evenly inside to the fingertips and all the way up to the elbows. Put the gloves on and affix them with attached stickers. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes and enjoy! Remove the gloves and gently massage the remaining product into your skin until it is fully absorbed–no need to rinse.

Give your hands, arms, and elbows a luxurious treat when you slip into our Youth Therapy Elbow-High Gloves! Shop now.

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