Why Partner With Us?

Since 2013, VOESH has been on a mission to make the professional spa industry more honest, transparent, innovative, and safer.

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A Higher Standard for Spa Care

We provide clean, conscious, and efficacious spa products for beauty professionals to offer safe and enjoyable spa services to customers without sacrificing their own health.

We offer high-quality treatments, customizable services, education, marketing materials, and more to help salons increase profitability.

Looking to elevate your business and improve your customer experience? It’s time we teamed up!

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Meet our Products

Our 100% vegan spa products are intentionally formulated with clean, ethically-sourced ingredients, satisfying textures, and blissful, IFRA-certified fragrances. They’re pre-packaged and perfectly portioned for a hygienic, mess-free experience. With treatments like these, your clients will look forward to every skinsational moment.

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Wellness Above All

At VOESH, we are committed to upholding the healthiest and safest standards. We are certified by PETA and registered with EU CPNP and UK SCPN. We proudly exclude all 1680+ EU-banned ingredients, plus an additional 400+ questionable ingredients. Why? Because everybody deserves better beauty.

10 Benefits of Choosing VOESH for Your Business

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Confidence in Skin Safety

No fillers, no tradeoffs, no 1680+ harmful ingredients to keep you and your clients safe and healthy.

Clean & Conscious Formulation

Only non-GMO, skin-loving and natural extracts, free of talc, phthalates, and parabens.

Efficacious Skincare

100% vegan formulas that deliver visible results with active ingredients.

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Good-For-You Scents

IFRA-certified, phthalate-free, toxin-free scents for a safe aromatherapy experience.

Clean Service Every Time

One product per customer with fresh, perfectly portioned supplies.

Low Start-up Cost & Easy Inventory

Elevate your spa offerings with minimal investment and simple inventory management.

Customizable Spa Treatments

Over 10 pedicure/manicure options and 31 scent choices to match every mood and skin need.

Trusted by Luxury Hotels & Salons

Voesh has been a trusted brand in luxury hotels, resorts, and salon chains for 10 years.

Customer Loyalty

We will educate your customers through marketing materials to ensure your salon is their preferred choice.

Innovative & Evolving

Dedicated to helping professionals elevate their businesses with ever-evolving clean and efficacious skincare products.

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