VOESH's Vitamin C Shower Filter: ‘CNN Underscored's’ Best Choice for Healthy Skin

Discover the key to healthier skin with our Shower & Empower Vitamin C Shower Filter, named Best Shower Filter for Skin by “CNN Underscored.” In Sophie Shaw's article, “The 6 Best Shower Filters for Healthier Hair and Skin, According to Experts,” our product shines for its outstanding features.

Shaw praises our filter's special blend of vegan probiotics and oatmeal powder, creating a unique formula that nourishes your skin's microbiome. Vitamin C adds to the magic by helping remove impurities. Shaw also notes how our filters come in five relaxing scents. Plus, they’re super easy to install — just screw on, no tools needed!

At VOESH, we're all about quality, affordability, and innovation. Trusted by the pros, our Shower & Empower Vitamin C Shower Filter invites you to transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience.

Ready to upgrade? Check out our Shower & Empower Vitamin C Shower Filters here.

Read the “CNN Underscored” article here.

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