VOESH July Press Placements

It’s been a busy month for VOESH! From trade shows to awards to features on amazing platforms, July proved to be an unforgettable month for our brand. We’d like to recognize those who have featured our vegan skincare products and VOESH news on their platforms.

In this blog post, we’re recapping which publications and VOESH products were highlighted in July 2022.

TODAY Article & Show Feature 

Thrilled is an understatement. Our team is so honored that the TODAY team featured our Peeling Socks on the TODAY show and in their article 7 beauty products for smooth skin and hair this summer.

“I did this over the weekend… my feet have never been softer!”

Craig Melton, TODAY Anchor

If your feet need some TLC, our Peeling Socks are the perfect remedy. This foot peel treatment, infused with AHA/BHA and lavender & herb extracts, is the perfect regimen for dry, calloused feet! Our exfoliating socks will gradually peel away dead skin skin to reveal soft, smooth skin in as little as 7 days. 

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Yahoo! featured a very exciting moment in VOESH history—our Vitamin C Shower Filter won the 2022 Cosmoprof award for Best Natural & Organic product. This award is highly prestigeous in the professional beauty industry, and our team is completely honored and grateful to be recipients. As our co-founder, Vera Oh, said in the article:

“Being recognized by Cosmoprof for our first-of-its kind product is beyond our dreams. We are so honored and humbled, not only to be able to stand next to other amazing brands and products, but to have won.”

Vera Oh, VOESH Co-founder & Co-CEO

Our Vitamin C Shower Filter removes residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water to rejuvenate skin and condition hair. Vegan probiotics strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier, while oatmeal powder softens and soothes for healthy, glowing skin! The innovative filter lasts for about 110 showers.

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First for Women

We love seeing our name in print publications! First for Women highlighted our Vitamin C Shower Filter in their article, Summer Hair Bothers—Solved from their August issue. The article discusses how to combat dullness in gray hair that may be impacted by shower water.

“We’re washing our hair so much more often this time of year, and unfortunately, gray hair easily picks up colors from shower water that makes it appear dull and dingy. PREVENT IT with a filter! A Vitamin C Shower Filter screws easily onto your showerhead so the vitamin can remove water’s hue-altering compounds before they reach your hair, says colorist Gregory Patterson, who’s worked with Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore."

First for Women

Our Vitamin C Shower Filter filters out impurities from hard water using Vitamin C to protect your hair and your skin. For those dealing with hair issues due to your shower water, our filter is the perfect fix and easy to install.

Thank you to these publications for featuring our clean, vegan skincare products and company news during the month of July. We wanted to #TakeAMoment to shout out some other publications and websites that highlighted our brand:

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