National Day of Unplugging: 10 Tips to Maximize Me Time

Are you always mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or getting lost in TikTok videos? You’re not alone. Most of us are glued to our cell phones, but we could be missing out on important moments in our lives, not to mention being constantly influenced by the opinions of others. Today is National Day of Unplugging–an entire day dedicated to setting our electronics aside and being fully present and in tune with reality. So, get ready to turn off your cell phones, computers, televisions, and gaming systems. But first, check out these 10 tips to maximize your “me time” today!

1. Give Yourself a Mani-Pedi

Bring the nail salon home with our all-in-one Mani in a Box and Pedi in a Box kits. Mani in a Box includes a sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage butter to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize dry hands. Our Pedi in a Box 4 Step contains a sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage butter to leave skin feeling smooth, clean, and nourished. Give your hands and feet the perfect pick-me-up!

2. Take a Nap

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and unwind for a little bit. Try to keep your naps short (20-30 minutes) to avoid interfering with your nighttime sleep.

3. Cook Up Something Yummy

Master a new recipe or make your grandmother’s famous cookies. Cooking provides feelings of accomplishment and boosts your mood.

4. Empower Your Shower

Transform your shower into a spa! Treat your body from head to toe with the help of our Vitamin C Shower Filter and Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash. Our scented shower filter eliminates chlorine and impurities and softens skin and hair. Our gentle sugar scrub exfoliates your skin and scalp for smooth, healthy skin.

5. Get in Touch with Nature

Go for a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood or have a picnic in the park. Going outside is known to stimulate creativity and help you clear your mind. Plus, fresh air always feels good!

6. Kick Back and Relax

Get comfortable in your favorite spot and just enjoy the peace and quiet. We recommend trying out a spa-like treatment like our intensely nourishing Collagen Gloves and Collagen Socks, or our refreshing Cooling Therapy Knee-High Socks that soothe tired legs and feet.

7. Read a Book

Strengthen your brain and eliminate stress by getting lost in the pages of a good book. Take an adventure in your mind without leaving the house.

8. Give Yourself a Massage

Sore or tight muscles? Apply our luxurious Velvet Luxe Vegan Hand & Body Crème to your hands, arms, feet, legs, or anywhere else to relieve tension and deeply hydrate skin.

9. Journal Your Thoughts

Stuck in all the feels? Put the pen to paper and let it all out. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand them more clearly.

10. Take a Day Trip

Go out and explore. Visit a museum or local zoo, or take a drive to see an old friend. Whatever makes your soul happy!

Remember, life is happening all around you, not just on your news feed. It doesn’t have to be National Day of Unplugging for you to #TakeAMoment for yourself. We hope these tips will help you have a wonderful, relaxing day…you deserve it!

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