Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Pampering Picks for Mom

This Mother's Day, celebrate the incredible woman in your life with gifts that will make mom feel like her best self. Show her your appreciation by choosing presents that bring relaxation, rejuvenation, and a touch of indulgence to her daily routine.

Check out our top picks:

Seaside Serenity Fragrance Set

Give Mom the gift of tranquility with our Seaside Serenity Fragrance Set. This set includes a Hair & Body Fragrance, a Room & Fabric Fragrance, and a Ceramic Fragrance. Transporting her mind to the calming shores, this fragrance set envelops her in a gentle, refreshing aroma that soothes the senses. It's like a mini vacation in a bottle, offering her a peaceful escape from the daily grind.


Heel Repair Duo

For a mom who's constantly on her feet, our Heel Repair Duo is a lifesaver. Our Solemate Heel Repair Balm and Moisturizing Heel Socks work together to soften and repair dry, cracked heels, ensuring she steps through her day with confidence and comfort. No more rough, achy feet holding her back!


Collagen Gloves Trio

Juggling multiple tasks can take a toll on mom's hands. Treat her to a spa day at home with our deeply moisturizing hand masks. These gloves provide a hydrating collagen treatment, giving her hands a moment of relaxation and pampering during her busy schedule.


Collagen Socks Trio 

Designed for instant relief and hydration, our Collagen Socks Trio is the perfect companion for mom's well-deserved downtime. Whether she's reading a book, watching her favorite show, or simply unwinding, these socks ensure her feet feel moisturized and cared for.


Shower & Empower Duo

Ideal for moms who need a revitalizing boost, our Shower & Empower Duo transforms her daily shower into a blissful experience. Featuring the Vitamin C Shower Filter and matching Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash, this duo is available in five pleasant scents to uplift her mood and leave her feeling energized and ready to take on the day.


Shower & Empower Complete Body Care Set

Shower mom with love with our Complete Body Care Set. Let her experience the purest, freshest shower with our scented Vitamin C Shower Filter. Combined with our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash, it leaves her skin and hair luxuriously soft and healthy.


Vegan Body Crème Trio

After all her selfless efforts, mom deserves a little luxury. Our Vegan Body Crème Trio provides rich hydration, leaving her skin velvety smooth and nourished. It's a reminder that she deserves self-care just as much as anyone else.


Help mom enjoy those precious moments of me-time with vegan body care gifts from VOESH!

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