Introducing VOESH’s NEW Solemate Heel Repair Balm

Meet your perfect mate for dry, cracked heels: VOESH’s Solemate Heel Repair Balm. This innovative balm is here to revolutionize your foot care routine, providing the nourishment and comfort your heels deserve. Get ready to experience the transformational power of Solemate, where each step becomes a confident one. Take a look and see why our heel repair balm is unlike any you’ve tried before. 

Our Mission

When developing this heel repair balm, our mission was clear: we aimed to create a year-round foot care solution that elevates confidence and enhances overall foot comfort. Our unwavering commitment to health and wellness drove us to craft a formula that is clean, 100% vegan, and suitable for all skin types. Like all other VOESH products, Solemate is free from PEGS, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and animal-derived ingredients. 

It is even recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists, and for good reason. The waterless, non-greasy formula provides instant visible results, transforming dry, cracked heels into their healthiest state after just one application. With Solemate, you'll be able to experience the beauty of hydrated, smooth heels.

What are the key benefits and ingredients?

Powered by vegan squalane and botanical oils, Solemate is your go-to solution for heel repair. Vegan squalane locks in moisture, preventing water loss and nourishing the skin for lasting hydration and protection from environmental stressors. It's a game-changer for tired, cracked heels.

The inclusion of eco-certified organic virgin olive oil adds an extra layer of luxury and care. This oil is known for its exceptional moisturizing and healing properties, making it an essential part of the Solemate formula. It helps rejuvenate and restore the skin, leaving your heels looking and feeling their best. Our special wax trio also helps to shield skin from environmental stressors, keeping your feet healthy and protected throughout the day.

Ready to give your feet the love they deserve?

Don't overlook the importance of foot care any longer. Shop our NEW Solemate Heel Repair Balm and experience love at first swipe!


In addition to our Solemate Heel Repair Balm, we’ve also launched our Heel Repair Duo, a perfect pairing that includes our Solemate Heel Repair Balm and Moisturizing Heel Socks. Together, these two products elevate at-home foot care regimens to nourish, repair, and protect dry, rough, or cracked heels. 


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