How to Create a Bodycare Routine

In honor of World Health Day, we wanted to shed some light on body skincare and its importance! When you see the term “skincare,” what do you think of first? Probably facial skincare, right? While facial skincare is a vital aspect of self-care and hygiene, bodycare can be just as important and is often overlooked.

Figuring out a body skincare routine can definitely be intimidating, especially anyone who is a beginner. But don’t worry, the VOESH team is here to help! We’ve curated 5 steps to make taking care of your body easy. And we’ll even recommend some products for you along the way!

Step 1: Determine your skin type 

Ultimately, the first step in creating a bodycare routine is to determine your skin type, so you can discover exactly what your skin needs and how certain products will interact with it. There are five main skin types:

  1. Normal skin: clean, soft, regular appearance

  2. Dry skin: cracked, flaky, or tight

  3. Oily skin: shiny, greasy, humid skin

  4. Combination skin: a combination of oily and dry skin on different parts of the body

  5. Sensitive skin: irritated, fragile, red, or itchy

After you determine which best represents your own skin, seek out products that are specifically tailored to your skin type. For example, someone with dry skin may seek out a deeply hydrating moisturizer, whereas someone with oily skin may need a more gentle, light moisturizer. 

Step 2: Install a Shower Filter for Clean, Hydrating Showers

 A surprisingly simple way to keep your skin squeaky clean and hydrated is using a shower filter like VOESH’s Vitamin C Shower Filter. Our shower filter uses Vitamin C to remove residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water—it’s the cleanest shower you’ll ever take! Hard water contains an increased amount of “hard minerals,” which can impact your skin. Dry skin is the most common side effect of showering with hard water, and it can especially impact those with sensitive skin types and can worsen existing skin conditions.

The filter also contains vegan probiotics to strengthen skin and oatmeal powder to soften and soothe skin. Your entire body (hair included!) will feel moisturized and rejuvenated after one shower, and this will forever change the way you bathe.

How to Install the Vitamin C Shower Filter

The installation may seem intimidating, but it’s actually super easy—the filter attaches seamlessly to your showerhead or shower arm. Here’s a helpful how-to video (which you can also find linked on our packaging) that will assist you in installing the filter:


Our Vitamin C Shower Filter lasts for about 110 showers before you need to replace it, which is almost 4 months! We offer 5 different scents, so you can achieve inner peace with Lavender Land or escape into a tropical dream with Clean Ocean.

Step 3: Time to exfoliate!

A step people often forget in their bodycare routine is exfoliation. Exfoliation is a method of removing dead skin cells from your skin’s outer layer to make skin smooth and soft. It’s  particularly important for those with dry or flaky skin, as it will brighten dull skin. Other benefits of adding exfoliation to your body care routine include improved skin absorption and circulation.

The next step is finding the right exfoliating scrub! We offer a Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash, a non-abrasive solution to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize all at once. Enriched with pure sugar, the scrub gently sloughs away those dead skin cells, and then it transforms into a soapy lather to wash your body with. Our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash is infused with vegan probiotics to rejuvenate your skin, and you can even use the scrub to exfoliate and clean your scalp.

But be careful: you can over-exfoliate, so be mindful and don’t scrub too intensely. Exfoliating once or twice a week should be enough.

Step 4: Moisturize & Soften

Adding a body lotion to your daily bodycare routine will make your skin feel nourished, supple, and endlessly soft. Moisturizing can prevent future skin problems, including flakiness, oiliness, and acne—it also helps your skin look and feel young! Applying a daily moisturizer to your body is also very simple, making it an easy step to complete each day.

While choosing a body cream or lotion, make sure to pay attention to the ingredient list. Lotions with clean and natural ingredients will benefit your skin’s health and won’t clog pores or leave skin feeling greasy. You’ll also enjoy experimenting with different natural scents and figuring out your favorites!

Our Velvet Luxe Hand & Body Crème interacts well with all skin types and is the perfect créme to get started with for your beginner skincare routine. Infused with organic olive oil, avocado oil, and herb extracts, our vegan body crème will transform dry skin to velvety-soft. 

Step 5: Stay motivated!

Perhaps the most difficult part of this process is maintaining your bodycare routine. Combat laziness with these tips to help you stay motivated and continue with your new routine:

  • • Set reminders on your phone to complete your routine 

  • • Add a sticky note to your bathroom mirror to remind you to moisturize

  • • Do your routine during and after your daily shower. For example, you can use an exfoliating scrub in the shower, then apply lotion to your body after your shower. It’s easier to maintain that motivation before you hit the couch!

  • • Keep your products in plain sight, so every time you walk in your bathroom, you’ll be reminded of your routine.

    It’s time to get started!

    Now that you have some insight on how to better take care of your body, try implementing your new routine. Remember, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are key! Get started with our Shower & Empower Duo, which bundles the Vitamin C Shower Filter and Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash together for a lower price. 

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