5 Common Causes of Dry, Cracked Heels

Are you struggling with dry, cracked heels? You're not alone. These pesky heel issues can be caused by a variety of reasons, but have no fear – we're here to shed light on the common culprits and guide you toward solutions to reach your healthiest, happiest feet.

What Causes Dry, Cracked Heels?

1. Lack of Moisture: The skin on the soles of our feet is naturally drier than the rest of our body. Environmental factors like dry weather or excessive heat can further strip away moisture, leaving your heels dehydrated.

2. Repetitive Pressure and Friction: Our feet, particularly our heels, bear the brunt of our daily activities. Whether it's walking, running, or just standing for extended periods, our heels endure significant pressure and friction, leading to thickened, dry skin.

3. Open-Back Shoes: While open-back shoes may be fashionable, they expose your heels to the elements. Insufficient cushioning in such footwear can increase friction and pressure, making your heels more susceptible to dryness.

4. Buildup of Dead Skin Cells: Neglecting regular exfoliation and moisturizing can result in a buildup of dead skin cells, making your heels appear rough and dry.

5. Medical Conditions: In some cases, underlying medical conditions like eczema, psoriasis, thyroid disorders, diabetes, or fungal infections can contribute to dry and cracked heels.

How Do You Care for Dry, Cracked Heels?

Enter VOESH’s curated heel care collection. This lineup includes our Solemate Heel Repair Balm, Moisturizing Heel Socks, and the Heel Repair Duo, which combines the power of Solemate and Moisturizing Heel Socks. Get ready to transform your heels from parched to pampered!

Feel The Magic of Solemate Heel Repair Balm

This balm comes in a convenient stick form, making it incredibly easy to use. The real magic, however, lies in its formula. Packed with a potent blend of vegan squalane, botanical oils, and a wax trio, Solemate nourishes, repairs, and protects dry, cracked heels. The wax trio not only locks in moisture but also shields your skin from harmful environmental stressors.

The results speak for themselves. After just one application, you'll notice a remarkable difference in the texture and appearance of your heels. Say goodbye to dry, rough, or cracked heels and hello to smoother, healthier, and more comfortable feet.

To use, simply apply the Solemate Heel Repair Balm day and night after your shower. Dry your feet thoroughly, then generously apply the balm to your heels, feet, toes, and the bottom of your feet. Pay special attention to those rough, dry, or cracked areas. Give the balm a few minutes to absorb, and before you know it, your heels will be silky smooth to the touch.


Moisturizing Heel Socks: A Spa Experience for Your Feet

But wait, there's more! For those looking to take their heel care to the next level, try our Heel Repair Duo. This perfect pairing, consisting of our Solemate Heel Repair Balm and Moisturizing Heel Socks, is designed to give your heels the love and care they deserve. 

Imagine slipping into fuzzy, toeless spa socks that work wonders for your dry, cracked heels. These socks aren't just a treat for your feet; they're a game-changer. Featuring a gel lining infused with jojoba oil and organic virgin olive oil, these cozy socks replenish dry skin in just 30 minutes. For an even more intensive treatment, you can wear them overnight while you sleep, maximizing hydration. We recommend applying Solemate Heel Repair Balm first, then putting the socks on to seal in the skin-loving ingredients. 

As you slide them on, the gel lining gets activated by your body's natural heat, deeply moisturizing and nourishing your heels to the core. The result? Smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated heels that feel like they've been to a spa.

Plus, these one-size-fits-most socks are not only washable but also reusable up to 50 times. It's a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to maintain your heel health. 


Together, the Heel Repair Duo is Your Ultimate Solution

Whether you're using Solemate Heel Repair Balm for daily maintenance or indulging in the deep hydration of Moisturizing Heel Socks, heel care has never been easier.

Take a step toward healthier, happier heels with VOESH!

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