VOESH June Press Placements

Summertime is finally here! From Father’s Day ideas to keeping your skin hydrated during this hot season, these 5 publications featured our clean beauty products during June. Our team is very appreciative of these highlights, and we’re excited to share them with you! In this blog post, we’re recapping which publications and VOESH products were highlighted in June 2022.


Nailpro showed some love to our Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks this month in their monthly product roundup!

“The Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks are infused with phytoncide, mint and cica extracts to beat the stink. These odor-busting masks contain a three-mint blend that delivers a cooling sensation for an invigorating experience. Ideal for when your clients are feeling hot and sweaty, after a run, workout, hike or a long workday.”  -Nailpro

Say hello to minty-fresh feet with our Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks that will seriously cleanse, deodorize, and refresh your feet in 15 minutes.

Shop our Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks now!

The Strategist (New York Magazine)

We were thrilled to hear The Strategist featured our Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand Crème as the best vegan hand cream in their list, The 10 Very Best Hand Creams.

“I go through so much of this stuff, but I don’t mind because it’s affordable and there’s lots of great scents.” -Trenna Seney, Celebrity Nail Artist 

With 6 unique scents to choose from, our Velvet Luxe Crème is infused with organic virgin olive oil and avocado oil to leave your skin super soft and supple without any greasy residue.

Shop our Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand Crème!

Spa & Beauty Today

Spa & Beauty Today highlighted our Vitamin C Shower Filter in their roundup of the best Spa & Wellness Father’s Day Finds. Their article serves as a fantastic reminder that dads need self-care too!

“A spa-like shower at home? Yes, please! Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter is both effective and therapeutic, eliminating chlorine and water impurities from Dad’s shower-game while providing probiotics, vitamin C and oatmeal powder, not to mention aromatherapy… The filer is easy to install, with a QR code easily accessible on the outer packaging of the product for detailed instructions and lasts up to 110 showers.” -Alisha Racker, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Our Vitamin C Shower Filter gives a whole new meaning to clean. Make your skin and hair glow for 110 showers!

Shop our Vitamin C Shower Filter now.

Urban Milan

Speaking of Father’s Day, Urban Milan featured our Pedi in a Box 6 Step in their Father’s Day Gift Guide! This article emphasizes the importance of grooming, even for dads.

“Give Dad a grooming upgrade with the six step Voesh Pedi In a Box! This set helps take self-care to the next level! This all-in-one ultimate pedicure kit is infused with natural aloe vera extract that soothes and moisturizes skin, leaving it happily hydrated!” -Urban Milan

Infused with aloe vera extract, our Aloe Aloe Pedi in a Box 6 Step pedicure treatment will soothe and cool stressed-out skin, giving it a refreshing pick-me-up.

Shop our Pedi in a Box 6 Step now!

Sweety High

For our last press feature from June, Sweety High featured our Vitamin C Shower Filter in their article “These Facial Products for Teens Fight Acne While Promoting Glowing, Healthy Skin.

“Not only do they make your shower smell like a dream, but they also remove those impurities from water, rejuvenating skin and hair with added vitamin C, plus probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier and oatmeal to make it soft and glowy.” -Amanda McArthur, Senior Project Manager of Editorial at SweetyHigh

McArthur points out that impurities in hard water can be bad for your skin and even cause acne—our Vitamin C Shower Filter fights this with clean, vegan ingredients. 

Shop our Vitamin C Shower Filter now!

Thank you to these publications for featuring our clean, vegan skincare products during the month of June.

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