‘Real Simple’ Praises Collagen Gloves with Argan Oil for Youthful Hands

We’ve got some fantastic news for you! Our Collagen Gloves with Argan Oil have caught the attention of the beauty community, thanks to a recent article in "Real Simple" by Wendy Rose Gould. The article, titled "Overnight Hydration Gloves Are the Key to Youthful, Wrinkle-Free Hands," gives a big shout-out to these special gloves for their ability to provide “tons of moisture to the delicate skin.”

In the "Real Simple" piece, Christina Uzzardi, a Los Angeles-based esthetician and the founder of Cheeks+Co, shared a great point: “Nighttime is our time to reset and we’re sleeping anyways, so why not treat our hands while we are at it? Our hands get regular UV exposure and are the first to show signs of damage so it’s smart and effective to give them the TLC they deserve.”

Our disposable, overnight moisturizing hand gloves are the perfect way to do just that. Think of them like sheet masks, but designed especially for your hands. They're packed with nourishing ingredients and the magic of argan oil, ensuring deep hydration and leaving your hands feeling soft and youthful.

So, no need to wait! Show some love to your hands today. You can shop our Collagen Gloves with Argan Oil - A Manicure in a Glove™ Trio here.

Check out the full article from “Real Simple” here.



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