Discover the Best Aromatherapy Shower Filter, as Featured in ‘Esquire’

Upgrade your daily shower routine with our VOESH Vitamin C Shower Filter, recognized as the Best Aromatherapy Shower Filter by “Esquire.” In the publication’s recent article “8 Best Shower Filters That Are Good For Your Health (Really)” by Christine Flammia, our shower filter is praised for its ability to purify water, while infusing vitamin C, for a spa-like experience.

Take a look at this excerpt from “Esquire” below:

“OK, so if you've already got pretty soft water and just want to cover all of your bases, this VOESH filter removes impurities in between your shower arm and head. The real standout here is that it also releases a sent of your choosing for a whole elevated shower experience.”

In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to prioritize self-care, and your daily shower is the perfect place to start. You can shop our collection of Vitamin C Shower Filters here.

Check out the complete article for yourself here.

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