5 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary from Beauty Influencer Anna Scherlitz

Spruce up your space and create the perfect atmosphere for your daily self-care routine. Transform your bathroom from blah to spa with these five tips from beauty influencer Anna Scherlitz (@dustofeuphoria).

1. Add Plants

Bring the outside in with lush greenery. Plants help to increase oxygen levels and make the room feel more inviting. When choosing the best plants for your bathroom, be sure to pick ones that work best for a damp, humid environment, such as bamboo. Also, don’t forget to consider how much natural light your bathroom gets throughout the day. If you want to create a cozy vibe without all of the maintenance, you can always opt for faux plants for decorative purposes.

2. Stay Organized

Minimize clutter to maximize relaxation. Try to incorporate innovative storage and display solutions, such as floating shelves, bins, or bathroom caddies to keep your toiletries in order and add a sophisticated touch. When your beauty products are easily accessible and organized, it makes your daily routine less complicated and more enjoyable.

3. Use our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash

Your shower routine wouldn’t be complete without the perfect all-over exfoliator-meets-body wash. Our Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash gently cleanses and buffs away dry skin to leave you feeling fresh and clean. Made with vegan probiotics, pure sugar, and a botanical oil blend, your skin and scalp will feel silky-soft and conditioned.

4. Play Music

Set the mood with soothing music to help you unwind. Relaxing music decreases your heart rate and calms your body. It also increases serotonin to make you feel happy and reduce stress. Play music on your phone or get a portable, wireless speaker so you can disconnect from the real world for an hour or two.

5. Enjoy Aromatherapy

Get ready for a truly clean, spa-like shower experience. Our Vitamin C Shower Filter, enhanced with vegan probiotics and oatmeal powder, eliminates chlorine and water impurities and leaves your skin and hair healthier than ever. Not only does our Vitamin C Shower Filter filter out impurities, but it also provides a pleasant scent experience to boost your mood. The Vitamin C Shower Filter comes in five scents: Lavender Land, Citrus Crush, Blossom Bliss, Rainforest Mist, and Clean Ocean.

Your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in your home. After all, you spend a lot of time in it to take care of yourself so you want to feel comfortable and happy. With the right accessories and design hacks, it’s easy to transform your bathroom into your personal sanctuary.

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