5 Reasons Why We Need Filtered Shower Water

Do you know what’s in your shower water? 😱

Even though we take showers to clean ourselves, we might actually be covering our bodies in chemicals. That’s why we created our Vitamin C Shower Filters to come up with a solution for hard water, so you can enjoy your shower and feel like your best self.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using our NEW Vitamin C Shower Filters.

1. Healthier Skin

If your skin feels dry, itchy, or irritated after showering, chances are there may be chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, or bacteria in your water. Free radicals cause skin to age at a faster rate than normal and damage the skin’s microbiome, which creates wrinkles and fine lines. Our Vitamin C Shower Filters effectively filter out toxins and chlorine to restore your skin to its healthiest state.

2. Smoother, Shinier Hair

Turns out, your bad hair days could be a result of chemicals or chlorine in your shower water. You know how your hair feels dry, frizzy, and dull after you’ve been swimming in a pool for hours? This shouldn’t happen from your daily shower. Our Vitamin C Shower Filters infuse your water with vitamin C to eliminate chlorine and leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

3. Spa-Like Experience

Transform your shower into a personal oasis. With five pleasant scents to choose from, your shower will smell amazing and you’ll feel as if you have spent all day at a spa. Me time has never been better.

4. Better Overall Health

Did you know that the heat of shower water can cause chemicals to vaporize and be released into the air as pollution? If inhaled or absorbed through the skin, these chemicals can bring on an array of health problems. When you shower with clean water dispensed from our shower filters, you will feel significantly better and there will be less risk of developing illnesses.

5. Less Soap Scum

Our Vitamin C Shower Filters improve water clarity and reduce soap scum and buildup, making it easier to keep your shower clean and free from bacteria.


For a pure, refreshing shower experience, be sure to try out our Vitamin C Shower Filters. These easy-to-install shower filters will improve your self-care routine and lead to a healthier, happier you!

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