Because EveryBody Deserves Me Time!

As a vegan skincare and wellness brand, our top priority is YOU. Every day, our mission is to inspire you to be your best self with our feel-good products.

That is what #ShowerandEmpower is all about. Showering is an intimate act of self-love, and we strive to make you feel confident and comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Showering shouldn’t feel like a chore. With our new shower care essentials, you’ll look forward to your self-care routine more than ever before!


Introducing Our
#ShowerandEmpower Duo


Pure Perfection

Hard water? Not anymore. This scented shower filter effectively eliminates chlorine and water impurities for a clean, spa-like shower experience. Say hello to your smoothest, healthiest skin and hair.


Your Skin’s New BFF

Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash for scalp & body Dull, dry skin? Scrub your way to soft, healthy skin from head to toe with our multitasking Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash that starts off as a gentle exfoliator and turns into a foamy body wash.

Sugar Scrub


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