Introducing Tone’d and Smooth’d: New Body Roller Crème Line

Get ready to roll into revenue and enhance your clients' at-home skincare routines with Tone’d and Smooth’d — the latest innovations in body care. These Body Roller Crèmes feature a nourishing body cream and relaxing massage roller in one, promising smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. Here’s how they can increase both your clients' satisfaction and your salon’s earnings.

Refine & Define with Smooth’d

Smooth’d is formulated to transform your clients’ skin and help them reveal their timeless beauty. Enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid, 2% caffeine, proprietary vegan probiotics, and a detox blend, it works to eliminate toxins and improve lymphatic drainage. Tea tree essential oil calms redness, while rosemary oil adds a soothing aroma. By targeting cellulite and crepeiness, Smooth’d delivers visibly smoother and plumper skin after consistent use.


Tone & Firm with Tone’d

For clients looking to sculpt and tighten, Tone’d is the answer. Its potent 5-blend peptide complex,  2% caffeine, proprietary vegan probiotics, and detox blend targets cellulite and refines natural contours. For added radiance and aromatherapy, we’ve also included patchouli oil. When in use, the roller applicator provides a revitalizing massage to boost collagen production and reduce puffiness. Help your clients tone and firm with every roll!


Drive Revenue & Client Satisfaction

By incorporating Tone’d and Smooth’d into your salon offerings, you not only enhance your clients' self-care routines but also create new retail opportunities. Recommend these premium products for gifting and at-home use, so they can look and feel their best.

How to Use Tone’d & Smooth’d

Using Tone’d and Smooth’d is simple and convenient. Just turn the tube to “ON,” apply the crème to desired areas, and gently roll it in. After each use, wipe the massage roller clean.

Recommended Application Areas

Encourage clients to apply Tone’d and Smooth’d to areas such as the neck, arms, legs, and stomach for optimal results.

Ready to Upgrade Your Retail Collection?

Make your salon the premier destination for clean beauty! Prioritize your clients’ health and happiness with Tone’d and Smooth’d.

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